About Us

Our company is driven by our philosophy of pursuing mutual value, and as such we are geared to provide you with maximum value adding in the delivery process

We understand that we are changing lives for the better. With skill, passion and drive we are committed in improving and uplifting people’s lives, stimulating business and growing economy through world class training.

Global Intelligent Training Solutions is a registered training provider focused on delivering industry and job-specific skills assessments and training interventions to businesses and their employees across a variety of industries.

We have always put our customers first – and this approach and our flexibility make us the right choice if your business is looking for electrical, construction, project management, artificial intelligent and soft skills training courses etc

Our Value

Our values are the principles that we live by. They set the groundwork for how we make decisions and the way in which we behave with each other, and everyone else we have relationships with.


•We have endless reserves of energy, enthusiasm and endurance
•When things get tough we are strong willed and tenacious •We are positive and optimistic and always look for the best in situations
•We are resourceful, enterprising and ambitious •We have a strong belief in our capability which means we are decisive and confident.
Passion means being excited about our purpose in life. We view things positively, embrace challenges and always look on the bright side